Gold Update

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Gold News, John's Blogs

Readers, please be aware, the dip in commodity prices is due to the fact that investors are leaving the stock market in droves, most likely sitting in cash (U.S. Dollars) for the time being. This has given temporary strength to the dollar, but this strength will be short lived. Remember that the commodities market is closely tied to currency. When currency is strong, commodities fall, and vice versa. The easy money policies of the central banks of the entire world will send commodities through the roof yet again. When these same investors realize that their dollar holdings are at risk, we will again see a surge in Gold and other commodities. That being said, this may be one of the last corrections in Gold, Silver, and other major commodities. If you do have extra cash sitting around, this would be an ideal time to get into the commodities market. Nothing has changed, and the economic principles at play remain the same. That’s all I have.

John F. Haettich- 9/23/2011


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