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REPORT- Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture- US National Intelligence Council & EU Institute of Security Studies- Published September 2010

REPORT- International Monetary Fund: Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability- Published April 13, 2010

REPORT- United Nations: World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development- May 8, 2009

REPORT- World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalizaiton: A Fair Globalization- Creating Opportunities for All

REPORT- United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Globalization Trends, Challenges and Opportunites for Countries in Transition

Semi-Annual OTC Derivative Statistics- Bank for International Settlements

The Four Dimensions of Globalization- George Modelski

All Worldwide Central Bank Leadership Speeches (Within last 3 months)- Bank for International Settlements

The Globalist Agenda

The Globalist

The Yale Globalist

The South Australian Globalist

Foreign Affairs- A CFR News Publication

International Journal of Central Banking

Statistical Annex- The International Banking Market

CFR Blog- The Internationalist- World Order, State Sovereignty, and Multilateral Cooperation

CFR Blogs Page

CFR- “The End of National Currency”- June 2007

CFR Report- “If the U.S. Dollar Plummets- Contingency Planning Memorandum No. 1”

Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America- Judicial Watch

North American Union Timeline

North American Center for Trans-border Studies

FINA-NAFI The North American Forum on Integration

REPORT- Dialogue on Globalization “Bound to Cooperate?  Security and Regional Cooperation” September 2006

REPORT- Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa- “Globalization, WTO & the Challenges of Sustainable Development in Africa” 2009

World Trade Report 2008- Trad in a Globalizing World

Global Trends 2025- A Transformed World

Global Forum on Agricultural Research- “Strengthening Regional/Sub-Regional Organizations of Agricultural Research for Development” Rome- April 1999

CFR- “Sovereignty & Globalization”- by Richard Haass- President of CFR- February 17, 2006

SEC- Roadmap for Potential Use of Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance With International Financial Reporting Standards- Proposed Rule to be in effect 2014

Federal Budget Spending & National Debt

Real Time National Balance Sheet Ticker- US Debt

REPORT: The World Order in 2050- Carnegie Endowment- April 2010

REPORT: How Emerging Markets are Reshaping Globalization- Carnegie Endowment

REPORT:  Is Protectionism Dying- Carnegie Endowment- May 2011

Carnegie Endowment Publications

Club of Rome Publications

Trilateral Commission Publications

Council on Foreign Relations Reports

International Monetary Fund Publications

World Bank Publications

Interactive Government Spending Analysis

White House- The Budget

U.S. Department of the Treasury

The Federal Reserve Bank

8 Important Facts about the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve- Its origins, history & current strategy

Manipulating the Masses with data- Daily Reckoning

Bureau of Labor Statistics- April 2011 Unemployment Report

Stocks Decline as Swiss Francs Pegged to Euro- Jakarta Globe- 9/6/2011

Trade Deficit of U.S. Unexpectedly Widens to $53.1 Billion on Export Slump- Bloomberg- 8/11/2011

A National Debt of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion- NPR- 8/11/2011

Dollar to be Discarded- Chinese rating agency- CNBC-  8/7/2011

China says debt financing unlikely to save US & EU- France 24 International News- 8/5/2011

China joins Russia in blasting U.S. borrowing after debt ceiling agreement- Bloomberg- 8/3/2011

Chinese agency downgrades U.S. credit rating- CNN- 8/2/2011

Putin says U.S. is parasite on global economy- Reuters- 8/1/2011

Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels- The Telegraph- 7/15/2011

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis- Reuters- 6/17/2011

Wall street bracing for new layoffs as profits wane- CNBC- 6/17/2011

State & Local layoffs to hit record levels July 1, 2011- CNN Money- 6

Back towards a U.S. double dip- Financial Times- 6/2/2011

Wall Street baffled by slowing economy, low yields- CNBC- 6/2/2011

Horror for US economy as data falls off a cliff- CNBC- 6/2/2011

Scary signs for jobs- CNN Money- 6/2/2011

Jobless Claims top 400,000 for 8th straight week- CNN Money- 6/2/2011

Pricier bread and cerial coming soon- CNN Money- 5/20/2011

Hedge Farm!  The doomsday food price scenario turning hedgies into survivalists- The New York Observer- 5/19/2011

Why mutual funds are a complete rip off- Robert Kiyosaki- 5/18/2011

Mexico sells US Dollars and buys gold bullion- Gold & Silver Market- 5/18/2011

US Post Office warns of default in 4 months- Fed News Radio- 5/18/2011

Pimco: Higher Inflation, Financial ‘Repression’ to Hit U.S.- MoneyNews- 5/17/2011

China’s holdings of US government debt inched lower for the fifth straight month- CNN Money- 5/16/2011

U.S. hits debt ceiling- CNN Money- 5/16/2011

IMF warns EU debt crisis may still spread to core- Reuters- 5/13/2011

Inflation rises at fastest rate since 2008- 3.2% (This low & inaccurate)- CNN Money- 5/13/2011

Could the dollar lose its status?- CNN Money- 5/13/2011

The global economy’s corporate crime wave- Al Jazeera News- 5/5/2011

Report urges US open door to China investment flood- Global Times- 5/5/2011

China’s central bank pumps less liquidity into the market as funds flow into the country- Chinese Global Times- 5/5/2011

Chinese banks to start tighter lending- Chinese Global Times- 5/5/2011

First time jobless filings surge to 8 month high- CNN Money- 5/5/2011

Stocks skid on job jitters- CNN Money- 5/5/2011

How the dollar rout could turn ugly- CNN Money- 4/28/2011

GDP Economic recover stumbles- Q1 shows 1.8% GDP- CNN Money- 4/28/2011

First time unemployment claims jump to 429,000 for week of April 23, 2011- CNN Money- 4/28/2011

Perfect economic storm may be brewing- Chinese Global Times- 4/27/2011

Americans get record high federal aid in 2010- Chinese Global Times- 4/27/2011

Federal Reserve stays its course- CNN Money- 4/27/2011

China should cap forex reserves at $1.3 trillion- China’s ENews- 4/25/2011

IMF Bombshell: Age of America nears end- MarketWatch- 4/25/2011

Gold & silver keep shining.  Thanks S&P- CNN Money- 4/18/2011

Saudi Arabia cuts oil output by 800,000 bbls/day- Upstream online- 4/18/2011

U.S. Credit rating outlook lowered by S&P- CNN Money- 4/18/2011

Expert: The US should ‘give up on the dollar’- CNN Money- 4/15/2011

Food price hikes could push millions to poverty- CNN Money- 4/14/2011

New Unemployment claims surge to 412,000- CNN Money- 4/14/2011

Geithner says Congress will pass debt limit increase allowing country to borrow more- Reuters- 4/14/2011

Stocks dragged down by banks- CNN Money- 4/14/2011

Goldman blasted for conflict of interest, greed- CNN Money- 4/14/2011

1 in 6 Americans get government help- CNN Money- 4/13/2011

SPECIAL REPORT: The U.S. & China start an M&A cold war- Reuters- 4/12/2011

$4 Gas is coming to your state- CNN Money- 4/12/2011

U.S. Energy Information Administration Short Term Energy and Summer Fuels Outlook

IMF sees new risks from oil, raw materials- Reuters- 4/11/2011

IMF says sluggish U.S. growth requires easy money policy- Reuters- 4/11/2011

Fed to stick with low rates, despite oil price rise- Reuters- 4/11/2011

Gas at $4?  Time to invest in oil- CNN Money 4/11/2011

Wall Street flat as investors chase commodity stocks- Reuters 4/8/2011

Gold: ‘This is the perfect storm’ – CNN Money

China’s peg loses currency

The Treasury shell game- Asian Times

The rise and decline of institutional economics- Asian Times

Wrong side of history- Asian Times

IMF says high oil prices are here to stay

Oil tops $110 as Japan suffers another blow

China ups rates for 4th time since October; March inflation may be higher than expected- China Post

Fed’s Lockhart says not yet time to raise rates- Reuters

OPEC unable to rein in $120- Oil Ministers

Interest Rate Hike ‘to fight inflation’- China Daily

Yamani:  Oil could reach $300/bbl over unrest in Saudi Arabia

MARKET WATCH: Brent price climbs; WTI price dips

UK, Saudi energy ministers to meet to discuss oil prices- (Comment)- they conclude that supply is sufficient, yet oil prices remain high.  Again, a simple case of price inflation due to loose monetary policy. 

Ryan:  Debt on Track to Hit 800 Percent of GDP

Danger:  Economists slash growth forecasts- CNN

Pump up the volume?  Traders on vacation-  CNN

Shutdown fears grow as budget deadline nears- CNN

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